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Business Analysis

In the early days of digital transformation, project requirements were drawn up by project managers or customers. However, as digital solutions grew complex, business analysis (BA) emerged as a distinct profession, covering a wide range of tasks.

Business analysis is the practice of identifying, analyzing and defining customers' business needs and ensuring end products align with them. Business analysts are the key link between stakeholders and development teams, driving project success.

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What tasks do business analysts have? 

Business analysts examine customers' business processes to define their needs, relay this information to the development team and offer possible solutions.   

They work with all the stakeholders to specify and describe project requirements, define the functionality necessary for the customer and create developer documentation.  

Depending on the project, BA may have business-oriented or system-oriented tasks. The first involves identifying the needs of the customer. The second entails information analysis, data modeling and sometimes high-level system design.

They can also assist in managing the transition to new systems or processes, including user training and communication. 


Choose Business Analysis if you: 

  • Have a problem-solving mindset and an ability to extract, analyze, optimize and visualize business processes    
  • Know the fundamentals of the software development process 
  • Are empathetic and able to maintain productive communication with various types of stakeholders 
  • Have a good knowledge of English and can maintain on most topics, even technical ones 

What will you learn? 

We focus on providing motivated novices with the essential skillset for a powerful start in IT. Our graduates gain the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience required to step straight into working on real-life projects. 

Our Business Analysis training programs will familiarize you with various software development methodologies and project tasks that business analytics performs. You will learn how to identify and work with software requirements, master modeling solutions and processes in various notations, practice composing project documentation and create your own portfolio-ready project. 


Useful Business Analysis materials 

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