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JavaScript is a versatile cross-platform programming language for building interactive and dynamic applications across various domains. With JavaScript, engineers can create front-end applications, work on back-end systems and develop mobile applications.

Vue, React and Angular, its most popular frameworks, provide component reusability and fast ways to handle complex application logic. Each framework has its advantages and caters to different project requirements.

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What tasks do JavaScript engineers have?

JavaScript developers are responsible for developing interactive web products and implementing various features on the front end of websites or applications, such as user interfaces, forms, navigation and animations. They also closely collaborate with designers to translate visual designs into functional code and with back-end developers to integrate front-end functionality with server-side systems and APIs.  

At EPAM JavaScript engineers work on various global projects for customers in multiple industries, including medicine, e-commerce, insurance, finance, retail, media, health and others. They create top-notch IT solutions by adopting modern frameworks, libraries and architectural patterns. 


Choose JavaScript if you: 

  • Want users to see the result of your work  
  • Look for a relatively easy start in development 
  • Strive to enter an exciting and promising professional field 
  • Know English well enough to read technical documentation and maintain a conversation on simple topics 

What will you learn? 

We focus on providing motivated novices with the essential skillset for a powerful start in IT. Our graduates gain the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience required to step straight into working on real-life projects. 

Our JavaScript programs will guide you through the creation of functional and user-friendly interfaces, as well as introduce you to the fundamentals of asynchronous programming and server interaction. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into the development of Front-End applications using HTML5, CSS3, React and HTTP. 

By graduation, you will lay a solid foundation in JavaScript and the essential skills needed to excel in Front-End development. 


Useful JavaScript materials  

Explore our blog's articles to learn more about JavaScript, gain valuable self-study resources and equip yourself for a dynamic entry in a Front-End developer profession: 


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