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Self-study · Online
Self-study · Online · Beginner
English, Ukrainian

Do you wish to learn more about the Front-End developer profession and try your skills in this direction? Then we invite you to participate in the Front-End Essentials self-study program — a course for those who possess basic skills in JavaScript development and wish to grow their knowledge of this sphere.

Self-paced courses from EPAM are available on the EPAM Learn educational platform. This course consists of video lectures, hands-on assignments, and knowledge tests to help you enhance your skills. It starts as soon as you register on this page: the course has no fixed start/end dates. The participants will be able to study the provided materials at a convenient pace. Anyone is encouraged to register for the course since no practical experience or technical skills are required — yet, it would be easier to master the program having a basic understanding of the OOP principles.

After the successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from EPAM and further course recommendations for career development in this direction.

Highlights of this course

The course will cover the basics of web development with HTML5, as well as CSS fundamentals and principles of responsive design. In the JavaScript Introduction section, you will learn the basics of development in the most popular language for Front-End. After that, you'll be ready for CSS Advanced, where we'll learn tools for flexible placement of elements on the page. In JavaScript Advanced, we will continue to get acquainted with the principles of OOP, while getting to know Jquery, JS Patterns and MVC. Code organization and testing will be studied in JS Modules and Javascript unit testing.

This program format does not allow you to continue your studies in the EPAM Laboratory. Its goal is to provide the participants with essential, relevant, and topical knowledge for the career start. Among the other advantages of the course:

  • You can pass it at a convenient pace, anytime and from anywhere.
  • It allows you to lay a solid foundation for your future studies in the Front-End direction.
  • The program consists of up-to-date high-quality materials that reflect the current state of the IT industry.
  • EPAM experts from all over the world participated in the creation of this course to make it perfect for beginners.
  • This is a free educational opportunity for everyone who wishes to study under the guidance of the best EPAM mentors.
What is required for training:
  • Recommended level of English proficiency — B1 (Intermediate) and higher.
  • Experience of software development in any programming language will be an advantage.
  • Good grasp of algorithms, data structures, OOP will help in your studying.
How to get started?
  1. Click the "Register" button on this page, create your profile and fill in the required information.
  2. Optionally, pass the English test to check your level. You can find it in your profile after you've registered on the program.
  3. Check your email. A link to the course will be sent to you after registration. If you did not receive the email immediately, check Spam and Promotions folders.
  4. Start the course on the EPAM Learn portal and join the discussion on Discord!
What will you learn?

Git Basics

Web Fundamentals 

  • HTML5 Basics 
  • CSS Basics 
  • Pre & Post Processing CSS 
  • CSS Layouts 
  • Responsive Design 
  • CSS Methodologies 


  • JS Intro 
  • Web debugging and profiling tools 
  • Data types 
  • JS Sorting Methods 
  • Functions 
  • Error. Storages 
  • Date. Regular Expression 
  • DOM 
  • JS DOM Events 
  • BOM 

CSS Advanced 

  • Flexbox 
  • CSS Grid 

JavaScript Advanced 

  • OOP Intro 
  • Ajax 
  • Frontend Optimization 
  • ES Next 
  • Tools 
  • JS Patterns 
  • MVC 
  • JS Modules 
  • Javascript unit testing 
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JavaScript is one of the most popular cross-platform programming languages that allows working with web interfaces (front-end side), server side and mobile clients.
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Front-End Self-Paced
Self-study · Online · Beginner
English, Ukrainian

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